BREAKING NEWS: Baseball Card Vandals Announces First-Ever CAPTION CONTEST, held all day TOMORROW!

Hey STRANGERS, do you like being FUNNY? When you see pictures do you THINK of a sentence of WORDS? Do you ever read the captions underneath our vandalized cards and THINK YOU COULD DO WAYYYY BETTER? Now’s your chance! Tomorrow is hosting its first CAPTION CONTEST, and the winner gets their WEIRD WORDS and THEIR WEIRD (or normal) NAME on the website for online forever. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! 

Here’s how it works: We will post only ONE CARD tomorrow, and you will have until 8 PM ET to submit your caption. “BUT BCV, HOW DO I SUBMIT?” Great question, internet. There are FOUR ways: You can leave your caption as a COMMENT underneath tomorrow’s FACEBOOK post, OR you can TWEET it at @bsblcardvandals on Twitter, OR you can add the caption when you REBLOG our post on TUMBLR, OR you can EMAIL it to Just make sure you DO IT by 8 PM ET for god’s sake. 

We wanna hear the STRANGE THOUGHTS in your head! Make them hilarious, awkward, witty, brilliant, beautiful, obscene, heart-warming, unsolved mystery-ish, eloquent, foolish, punny, blatantly false, charming, AND/OR perfect. Make us laugh and you could GO DOWN IN INTERNET CAPTION HISTORY!

We love you okay? BYE.

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