BREAKING-ASS NEWS: Get out your Sharpies and Terrible Cards for GUEST VANDALS Competiton #2. Send us your entries by WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10th!

Hey literally EVERYONE. We are excited to announce the second-ever GUEST VANDALS competition! (aka GUEST VANDALS 2: Lost in New York). WTF are we talking about? LISTEN. We want you to grab a Sharpie and get really weird ALL OVER your worst sports cards, and then email them to us at We know you have STRANGE & hilarious thoughts/SKILL$ just like us, and now is YOUR chance to SHINE ONLINE. We love you and we want you to SUCCEED, HARD.

So get us your submissions by WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10th. We will select 5 or so FINALISTS and post them first thing in the morning Friday, April 12th for everyone to vote on. The card with the most Facebook LIKES by MIDNIGHT ET is the GUEST VANDALS 2 CHAMP! You could be the next “BUTT HAND”! As always, the winner will receive a massive CASH PRIZE of a LOT of money minus that same amount (net prize=NO money). WOW!

This isn’t Outback Steakhouse, THERE ARE RULES:

1. Use a sports card.

2. Vandalize it with a marker or pen and scan it. (No digital modifications, please.)

3. Make it hilarious, weird, embarrassing, enlightening, beautiful, bananas, gross, genius, mysterious, shitty, perfect or completely NSFW.

4. Send it to as a JPEG, PSD, or PDF somewhere around 520x720 pixels. Do this by APRIL 10th, 2013.

5. Give us your name and any other things you want us to mention on the site if you win (blog, company, website, brand, your lover’s name, etc.).

6. By submitting you give us the permission to use your image on this website and on related platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and other things like that). Also, we reserve the right to caption the image as we like, though your suggestions are welcomed and encouraged. 

If you need a DEMONSTRATION/INSPIRATION check out this motivational video:

OKAY, it’s on then. DO YOUR BEST and make your grandmother very proud or utterly ashamed. Also know that we will be biased towards people who like the Baseball Card Vandals Facebook page and who follow us on Twitter, so take care of that right now.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR FOR YOUR SUPPORT! You know we love you like cousins/lovers.



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