OMG FRIENDZ: TIME IS RUNNING OUT on the 2nd-Ever GUEST VANDALS Competition, only ONE WEEK LEFT to enter!

HEY HEY Kid$, enough CLOWNING around, it’s time to get SERIOUS about JUST JOKING (j/k). The deadline for submitting your WEIRDEST joke-on-a-card is WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10th! REMEMBER, this is your chance to show the internet what you are REALLY ALL MADE UP OF. We love to see what goes on in your BRAINZ, OKAY? TIME IS RUNNING OUT, it’s already CLEARLY AFTER 7. WOW.

We will pick 5 or so FINALISTS and post them all first thing on the morning of FRIDAY, APRIL 12, and the post with the most Facebook LIKES by midnight ET will WIN! All the rest of the DEETS are HERE:


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